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3 Sizes Available
AA: Tweens - 6 CM Diameter
ABC: Medium Size - 8 CM Diameter
D+: Largest Size - 10 CM Diameter

Introducing the World’s GREATEST Nipple Covers.

There are Many Different Nipple Covers, but None Are Like Ours.

After Endless Hours of Research, We Developed 3 Molds That Produce the Thinnest and Most Comfortable Nipple Covers in the World.

Waterproof Goes Discretely Under Swimsuits, T Shirts, Dresses, Blouses, etc.

We Guarantee That You Will Never Switch Back to The Others Again.

What Makes Silicone Valley Different?

It Begins with Our Own Custom Molds. We Make the Finest Silicone Molds Money Can Buy and Make Our Products in a State-of-The-Art Facility.

To make a silicone mold, it requires making what we call a jacket mold before making the silicone mold because this is what the silicone will attach to and will be the inner workings of the mold.

Most Other Manufacturers Use Urethane Molds Which Are Not Able to Produce the Razor Fine Edge Needed to Contour to a Woman’s Body.


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This is How Confident We are That You Will Fall in Love with Our Silicone Valley Line. SO, GO AHEAD & GIVE US A TRY, YOU LITERALLY HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!

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