Boob Tape

Most Secure ways to keep things in place


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Silicone Valley Boob Tape Patent Pending Nude

  • 25 Ft x 2 Inch Body Tape
  • The Most Secure Way to Keep Things in Place.
  • Silicone Valley Boob Tape was inspired by the many women Having Issues with Wearing Low Cut and Backless Dresses.
  • Our Patent Pending Boob Tape Has a Slight Stretch to Facilitate Body Movements
  • We Coat the Underside with Just the Right Amount of Adhesive to Hold Things in Place, While Making Removal More Pleasant than a Body Wax

Taping for Low Cut and Low Plunge dresses

  • Begin taping vertically from the outside bottom of each boob
  • Lift each boob as you begin to tape it from underneath and pull the tape upwards towards your shoulder.
  • Repeat the process by adding more strips, working your way towards the middle of each boob, until you cover the nipples
  • Usually 3 vertical strips are used fro each side

Taping for Strapless and Backless Dresses

  • Start from the lower left side of your boob and work your way across past the right boob
  • Keep your boobs together as you bring across the tape
  • Continue adding horizontal strips ubtil you get above your nipples
  • The method will bring teh boobs close together and lift them at the same time
  • If you feel you need more lift, you may add a vertical piece on each side